Restorative Approaches

What is a Restorative Approach?

Restorative Approaches brings a harmer and the person harmed together so
that they can talk or communicate in other ways through what happened.

It gives someone affected by the behaviour or actions of another the chance to have
their say, explain what the effect was on them and to seek a direct explanation
from the harmer about what they did.

Through this the harmer can begin to understand the effect of their behaviour and
make amends.

Restorative Approaches does not replace the criminal justice system but helps to
deal with the emotions and stress caused by harm. So the person harmed can move
on with their lives.

If you’ve been the person harmed by someone it is likely that it has been a deeply
upsetting, unsettling time in your life.

For many people Restorative Approaches helps people to get closure after a
traumatic time. People who have participated in Restorative Approaches have
reported that it has been an empowering experience that allowed them to feel more
in control of what happened to them.

What does approaches do for people who have harmed others?

Restorative approaches can be helpful for people who have harmed others because
it enables them to understand the impact that their actions have had. It gives them
the chance to listen and to answer any questions the harmed person might have.

They may apologise for what they have done and agree what they might do to
make things better. This might include addressing the issues in their life that led
them to commit the harm.

People who have been responsible for harming others who have taken part in
Restorative mediation have said that the experience helped them to understand how
their actions affected others and to enable them to deal with feelings of guilt or
remorse, and to feel that they have done something positive.

How can restorative approaches help people who feel they have been harmed ?

For some people who have been affected by the actions of others it helps to
explore why the harm happened.

Evidence shows that most people who take part in a Restorative mediation process
come away feeling satisfied because it has allowed them to have their say.

It also helps people to move on and also helps them feel less fearful of harm in the

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