Neighbourhood & Community Mediation

Trouble with your neighbours? Reaching the end of your tether? Wondering what you can do?
Causing stress, Anxiety and other disharmony?

We can provide mediation for tenants, home owners and social housing landlords to help neighbours find a mutually acceptable way forward in feeling comfortable in your home again.

Neighbourhood mediation how it works

Mediation is an opportunity to assist you in managing the conflict resolution and building some stepping stones between the various parties.

Stage 1

You or your landlord can get in touch with us and tell us about your problem. You can leaving a message for our Co-ordinator who will get back to you as soon as possible. If the Co-ordinator thinks we can help you he or she will assign a mediator/s to work on your case.

Stage 2

One of your assigned mediator will contact you and arrange to meet with you, at your home, or elsewhere if you prefer. At this meeting the two mediators will listen carefully while you tell them about the problems you have been having. Everything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence. The mediators will then meet with your neighbour and listen to their perspectives of the situation, which is also confidential.

Stage 3

If both you and your neighbour agree, the mediators will arrange for you both to attend another meeting with the mediators at a neutral venue, locally to you. The mediators will set ground rules which everyone is required to agree to. They include confidentiality and a ban on abusive behaviour, but the most important one is that each of you is required to listen without interrupting while the other speaks for a few minutes. This is followed by a discussion which usually leads to an agreement on a way forward, which can be written down if you wish. Throughout, the mediators guide and support you.

Mediation takes place in a safe, structured environment, allowing you to a have those more difficult conversations in an open honest and frank way.

We can help with:

  • Noise
  • Parking Disputes
  • High Hedges
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Abusive Behavoir
  • Children’s Behaviour
  • Pets
  • Vandalism

“Mediation is voluntary and it is important to us that everyone feel they have a choice to take part”


We are also trained to work in enabling people in communities to resolve conflict and disagreements. Particularly when it is making life difficult for people.

When different people want different things out of living in an area, a street or a neighbourhood then conflict can arise.Sometimes this is about misunderstandings and misinterpretations as to why people are behaving in a particular way.

Community mediation can be of benefit when there are more than 2 neighbours having problems living in a community for example when there are problems with children or specific groups with individual needs, children and pet owners, elderly and the young.

How it works

Stage 1

We will receive a referral from your housing provider we make contact with the key people involved. You can contact them to ask for a referral to be made to us.

Stage 2

The mediator/s will contact everyone involved and arrange to meet them to hear things for their perspective. Sometimes this takes time if there are lots of people to meet.Once everyone has met with the mediators and the mediators have decided how best to arrange the meeting they will set a mutually convenient time and date for everyone to come together.

Stage 3

Everyone will come together at a Community Conference. The mediators will have drawn up an agenda based on what each group represented feels they want to achieve, and they will make sure everyone has the opportunity to have their say in a positive and calm way.

Stage 4

A set of proposals will be drawn up during the community conference about a vision for hows everyone wants things to be in the future and the things everyone agrees to do differently. This will be shared with the housing provider.

All our mediations take place in a neutral place.