Family Mediation

What is it?

Family Mediation is an opportunity for parents who are separating/ separated or divorcing family to sort out the practical issues, such as arranging access to children and resolving any financial issues in a way which works for everyone.

Family Mediators helps parents/carers to reach well-informed decisions that are practical and seem fair to both of them, without taking sides or trying to influence their decisions in any way.

The parents/carers work together with the mediator to identify what needs to be settled, explore the options available, discuss individual and collective concerns, and consider ways of reaching agreement on the things each feel need to be resolved.

Family Mediation helps parents to stay in control over the decisions without the need for these decisions to be settled through solicitors or in court. Even if your case has already gone to court, its not too late to mediate.

Where appropriate we also consider speaking to the children.

Child Welfare Mediation

This is for parents/carers where there is difficult in resolving the arrangements for children as a result of allegations founded or unfounded about the safety and well-being of children. These concerns may be raised by either parents/carers or professionals, including Social Workers.

The concerns often relate to difficulties in the parents/carers own lives, or behaviour towards one another, which may be affecting their ability to focus on the arrangements for their children.

Child Welfare Mediation is managed by trained skilled Family Mediators who are also trained in Child Protection and Direct Child Consultation. We work in partnership with Children’s Services to clarify any concerns and boundaries needed for safe mediation to take place.

Often this means taking small steps in mediation to build arrangements for children that are entirely led by the child’s needs, arrangements can be made for mediation to take place with parents/carers in separate rooms.

“You have helped to change my view of mediation”
“We were so impressed by how the mediator worked and can’t quite believe how well
things are working now after only 1 meeting.”