How much does it cost?

For many people in Plymouth Mediation is FREE as a result of Legal Aid being available for Mediation (you can no longer get Legal aid for going to court except in extreme circumstances). Even if you are not eligible your ex-partner might be, in which case you will be provided with the initial meeting and the first mediation for free, although you will need to share the cost of the summary at the end of the first meeting and pay for any subsequent meetings at our normal rates.

The good news is unlike other Plymouth Mediators we do not charge Vat on any of our services

Our charging tables

Family Mediation charges

MIAM (initial information meetings) £80 per person

Letter to ex-partners £15 – Where no phone number is provided or where we are unable to reach them by phone and you wish us to pursue their involvement in Mediation.

Signing C100, FMA1, Form A– If you wish to apply to court you will need one of these forms. The fee for this is £25 if requested at the MIAM £30 if you request it at a later date and it is only valid for 4months of the MIAM.

Child arrangements (child contact) only mediation £80 per person per hour
Paperwork is charged at £80 per session shared between you.

Pension and Finance – £90 p.p.p.h

All issues Mediation (Children and Finances) – £90 p.p.p.h

Paperwork for Pension and Finances and all issues mediation will be charged at £90p.h shared between you. You can expect to share the cost of 4-6hrs of administration across 2 or 3 mediation meetings.

*In the majority of Financial Mediation cases the mediator will be required to draft of an open financial statement to assist you with divorce petitions and a Memorandum of understanding which sets out any agreed financial proposals and where relevant child arrangements.

These prices are correct as of 1st May 2018 and may be subject to change from time to time.

Workplace Mediation

Where there are two parties we will charge £500 to include two individual meetings and one joint meeting.

Restorative and Community Mediation

This is available through a referral from your housing provider. If you are a tenant of Devon and Cornwall housing get in touch with us and we can advise further.