How much does Mediation cost?

We offer Legal Aid for Family Mediation in Plymouth and across Devon and South-east Cornwall for those people on a low income*.

This means that Family Mediation is totally FREE for you and the other person will also have some of their fees paid too.


You automatically get your fees paid if you are in receipt of:-

  • Income support

  • Universal Credit

  • Job seekers/ESA income based  

If you are not getting one of those benefits and in receipt of contributions based benefits or in employment you may still qualify. We can assess you on the spot so there is no delay.


Private Family Mediation charges

All Prices stated are per person attending one mediation session of 1.5hrs 

We do not charge VAT – what you see is what you pay. 


* For Child Arrangements/ Child Contact/ Child residence Family Mediation it normally takes between 1 and 2 sessions to resolve issues and the Memorandum of Understanding is only required if you feel it is beneficial to have a written record of your agreements.

**Paperwork for Finance and Divorce mediation will be charged at £60 for the MOU and £60 for the Open Financial Statement (OFS) which you will require if you wish to use the Mediation to finalise a divorce and have it made legally binding. . You can expect to attend 2 or 3 mediation meetings. This will save you between £600 and £800 in Solicitors Fees.

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Other fees that may apply

Letter to ex-partners £15 – Where no phone number is provided or where we are unable to reach them by phone and we will not charge you wish us to pursue their involvement in Mediation.

These prices are correct as of 1st May 2018 and may be subject to change from time to time.


Children1st Mediation is based in Plymouth and offer Family Mediation Plymouth, Family Mediation Totnes, Family Mediation Newton Abbott and we also have family mediators in Exeter across Cornwall and Somerset.